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National Sealing Co., Inc. offers nation wide consultation / applications for protecting various flooring surfaces. We are the largest paver sealer in the country with well over 2 Million square feet of protected surface areas. We will discuss your current surface as well as potential issues that can not only preserve new surfaces, but prolong and protect surfaces from fading, and anti slip applications. We offer a turn key solution from the initial consultation, our proposed recommendations, any necessary preparation of the surface prior to sealing, as well as application of various types of solutions for different surface areas. Our product line includes: conventional sealing, anti slip applications, staining, coloring, dyeing and our patented ‘coating’ process. In addition; epoxy applications, cement overlays, mildew control, anti graffiti and grinding services.

National Sealing Permanently Seal Stone, Pavers, Concrete and Other Surfaces

Products are not sold. Application is by trained technicians only.

Miami Marlins Stadium

National Sealing Co. Inc. selected to provide Cement & Paver sealing for new Miami Marlins Stadium.


Five Star Resort - Sri Lanka

Vivanta by Taj Hotels & Resorts - Hailed by Wallpaper UK as a "stroke of genius" and rated by Conde Nast Traveler US as the 3rd best global hotel brand Vivanta by Taj offers an imaginative, vivacious and stylish take on 'cool luxury'

Our flagship coating process is a durable 3 part coating process. Our process differs from conventional sealers. Of course we offer sealing services as well, our coating is more durable and lasts longer than sealer. The difference is; all sealers are mono-component, meaning ALL sealers are basically applied by just pouring out of the container and will typically last 1-1.5 yrs. Our multi-component coating is mixed on site and must be applied within a certain time frame. We're seeing results of 4-7 years+ with our multi-component coating depending upon the surface and conditions.

Our coating product can be utilized in interior or exterior applications. For example:

IMPORTANT: Common brick paver SEALERS that have been used in the past for sealing brick pavers, sealing pool decks, sealing stone etc… have two major shortfalls:

  • First, Oil will still penetrate, and stain even the best sealing products if left on the surface beyond 48 hours. Our coating does not allow oil to penetrate.
  • Second, UV rays break down all brick paver sealers. Brick pavers must be cleaned and sealed annually. Not so with our coating.

Once the surface is stained, dirty or worn, it will never look 'new' again. Protect your investment by COATING today.


  • Permanently sealed flooring
  • Reduces Maintenance and Replacement Costs
  • Eliminate Mold & Mildew
  • Will not oxidize or corrode
  • Will not peel, crack or flake: chemically bonded to surface
  • UV protection
  • Prevents moisture transmission in newly poured cement
  • Repels water and oils
  • Anti Slip / Anti Skid

Surface Materials to be coated:

This is an applied process. Coating product is not sold.

Prevent Oil Stains on Brick Pavers
Oil Stains
Eliminate Brick Paver Fading
Eliminate Fading


sealing grout

sealing brick pavers

sealing marble

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